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About the Process

Your piece begins as a block of wax which is carved into the final shape, cast in metal, and polished. Learn how it goes from idea to reality.

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About the Artist

For over 40 years, Robert Chidsey has been creating custom pieces for individual clients and jewelry stores.

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“The custom rings Robert made for our wedding were everything and more. He was really easy to work with, took our vision and made it a reality. The diamonds for Rosalynn's ring were taken from her Grandmother's wedding ring and were turned into the 20's look she wanted. Dorian's ring was a perfect blend of comfort and modern style. If you are looking for an elegant, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry Robert is a very talented artist and will make the process of making it memorable.”

—Dorian and Rosalynn

“After waiting over 25 years to get married, working with Robert Chidsey Design to make our wedding rings was a dream come true. We weren't exactly sure what we wanted, but had a few fuzzy ideas. Bob listened, asked the right questions and had the artistic vision and skill to create our golden treasures! We loved working with Bob and Diane. It was definitely worth the 25 year wait!”

—Bruce and Ted

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