How it works

How your custom piece is created using the centuries old process of Lost Wax Casting

It all starts with an idea...

Maybe it's your own unique vision for a piece of jewelry, or something inspired by a photo you saw online or in the pages of a magazine. Maybe it's a new piece created from the parts of treasured family pieces, sentiment wrapped in a modern twist. Whatever it may be, I can help turn your dream into reality.

...and a design

When you contact me we will first have a conversation about your idea—is there a story behind it? What is this unique piece you'd like to create? From there I may do a sketch to help bring that idea into focus.

...which is carved from wax

Next, I create a three-dimensional model which will look exactly like your finished piece—but in purple wax. Yes, wax! I start with a block of hard jeweler's wax which I carve by hand, using tiny specialized tools. This technique allows me to capture all the detail and nuance of your unique design.

...and cast in metal

I then pour a plaster material around the wax to form a mold which is placed into a kiln and fired until the wax has melted completely, leaving a blank space where the carving was—a void of your exact design. This mold is then set into a centrifugal casting machine which forces molten metal into that void.

...then polished and finished!

Once broken out of the plaster, I have a "rough cast" of your piece, which is ready for finishing! It will be polished and if your design includes gems, they will be set. And Voila! Your new creation is ready.

It is a process that is both fun and personal to be involved in from start to finish. And in the end, you will have a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece.

An heirloom.

Have an idea for a work of art?

Let Robert Chidsey Design transform your idea into a one-of-a-kind piece. Tell us what you have in mind. Send us a message below, or email us directly at

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